"DC APSE is unique as it has great presence on a political climate change level. I joined DC APSE to advocate for the rights of individuals with disabilities to engage in equal opportunity employment. There is great potential to help employers have a better understanding hiring individuals with disabilities as well as having them become more involved on an activist level to obtain integrated employment"

- DC APSE Member
"APSE was the next step in my path to join an employment focused organization. It is my goal to help support individuals to be as independent as possible. Looking at the barriers consumers face, employment greatly impacts an individual’s overall happiness and self-worth. Joining APSE has allowed me a greater network to share resources and connect people with disabilities with their employment goals and overall self-sufficiency."

- DC APSE Member
"I joined APSE for a number of reasons however it is my personal prerogative to make a sector of APSE be a vehicle for transitioning youth. The education sector of special needs programs within schools provides plenty of supports to getting to the next step. The vocational field is not as strong yet. I’d like to help capture transitioning youth as they come out of school with vocational ambitions."

- DC APSE Member
"“Shoot for the moon even if you miss you will land among the stars! Click this link to learn more about our Spotlight November Success Story.

- DC APSE Success Story

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DC APSE Member

DC APSE is unique as it has great presence on a political climate change level.

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