Job Readiness

  • Interviewing
  • Resume Building
  • Workplace Ethics & Behavior
  • Goal Setting
  • Dressing for Success
  • Basic Computer Skills
  • Networking
  • Effective Communication  

Job Placement Programs & Employment Supports

 Are you looking for programs to help you achieve your vocational goals? Please see the list below! (Are you a provider looking to be added to this list? Please email us or complete the Contact Us at the top right corner.)

(List coming soon.) 

Benefits Counseling Services

So you've put your resume together, identified potential employment, and even found the ideal salary... What happens to your current supports? Do you receive any of the following?

  • IDA
  • Veteran Benefits
  • Medicaid
  • Medicare
  • Child Support
  • Section 8 Housing
  • Food Stamps
  • TANF

 Please visit DDS at or to find a benefits counselor near you!



Job Help (Legal)

Are you seeking help via advocacy? Do you feel you've been discriminated against? Are looking for a legal information to support your case? University Legal Services is a private, non-profit organization that serves as the District of Columbia's federally mandated protection and advocacy system for the human, legal and service rights of people with disabilities. If you have questions please contact them at:

General Contact Information

Address :University Legal Services, Protection & Advocacy Program
    220 I Street, N.E., Suite 130 (map)
    Washington, DC 20002
Phone: (202) 547-0198
Toll Free: (877) 221-4638
Fax: (202) 547-2662


Job Coaching and Accommodations 



  1. What is the Ticket to Work Program?
  2. What is Supported Employment?
  3. How do I find a Supported Employment Program?
  4. Where can I find local Legal Advocacy help?
  5. What is customized Employment?
  6. I’m worried about losing my SSA benefits. Where can I go for help with benefits counseling and work incentives?
  7. I’m looking for career training… Where can I go?
  8. Eligibility Requirements for DDA?
  9. What is WIPA?
  10. Volunteer
  11. Donate

Q. What is the Ticket to Work Program?
A. The Social Security Administration (SSA) issues Tickets to beneficiaries with disabilities. The Ticket can be used to obtain services and support from approved service providers (called Employment Network or EN's) under the Ticket to Work Program. The goal of the Ticket to Work Program is to assist beneficiaries in obtaining employment and working towards financial independence. The program is a free and voluntary service. This means you can use your Ticket if you choose, but there is no penalty for not using it. If you’ve lost or misplaced your Ticket, don’t worry. You do not have to have the Ticket to participate in the program. Simply contact the EN of your choice and notify them that you would like to use your Ticket. To find out about the EN’s in your area please visit or call (866) 833-2967.

Q. What is Supported Employment?
A. Supported employment is a well-defined approach to helping people with disabilities participate in the competitive labor market, helping them find meaningful jobs and providing ongoing support from a team of professionals.

Q. How do I find a Supported Employment Program?
A. Department on Disability Services
202-730-1700 (DDS Operator)
202-442-8400 (RSA Intake)
202-730-1791 (DDA Intake)

Q. Where can I find local Legal Advocacy help?
A. Please visit University Legal Services at or give them a call at 202-547-0198.

Q. What is customized Employment?
A. Through Customized Employment, the relationship between employee and employer is personalized in a way that meets the needs of both. It's a universal strategy that benefits many people, including people with disabilities.

Q. I’m worried about losing my SSA benefits. Where can I go for help with benefits counseling and work incentives?
A. There are three options to find benefits counseling in your area. You can contact a local WIPA project (see explanation below), ask your current counselor for a vendor providing these services, or search using the Ticket to Work program for agencies that provide benefits planning and work incentive counseling. Please also visit our APSE affiliated agencies as well.

Q. I’m looking for career training… Where can I go?
A. Please checkout APSE affiliated agencies by clicking on the link for a list of providers that may be able to assist you with your employment goals.

Q. Eligibility Requirements for DDA?
A. Completed application

Proof of District residency; [For example: a current lease agreement, a current utility bill, or a statement from Social Security with the address. Cell phone or telephone bills will not be accepted as proof of residency]

An intellectual disability indicated by an IQ score of 69 or below, diagnosed before the age of 18 years, including impairments in cognitive and adaptive functioning that continue into adulthood

Concurrent deficits in at least two areas of adaptive functioning

Copy of the person’s birth certificate

Copy of the Social Security card

Copy of proof of health insurance (DC Medicaid or private coverage), if applicable

Documentation that verifies the diagnosis of an intellectual disability prior to the age of 18 occurred, this includes school records/transcripts, medical records, or social history, if available

A psychological evaluation, based on one or more standardized tests, that documents significantly sub-average general intellectual functioning Intelligence Quotient (“IQ”) score of 69 or below, formal assessment of adaptive behavior or other supporting documentation of adaptive behavior deficits or developmental delays manifested before the age of 18 years, indicating that impairments in cognitive adaptive functioning continue into adulthood

As applicable, a psychological and/or psychiatric evaluations that document any diagnosed psychiatric condition.

A medical evaluation current within the last 12 months.

A signed Release of Information form.

Q. What is WIPA?
A. WIPA stands for Work Incentive Planning and Assistance.

Q. Volunteer
A. We are appreciative of topics, trainings, and general info of presenters from agencies, industries, and individuals. Please contact our board for more information on how to volunteer with DC APSE.

Q. Donate
A. We are very appreciative of donations that help us host several of events and works towards making opportunities to help progress with our Employment First Initiative.

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